Tips on how to Conceal Ugly Features of Your Rented Home

Living space with pink walls and plants as a main feauture

There are many benefits to renting as opposed to buying, and for many people it is the only option if they are living somewhere temporarily or don’t’ want the commitment of buying. However, there are of course limitations, especially with the design aspect. Although it is possible to have an unfurnished space and even a lenient, easy going landlord so you feel you have some sort of control over how your interior is designed, it is more than likely that there will be at least one fixed feature that you absolutely abhor. It can be extremely frustrating if you are not permitted to change the feature without losing your deposit and possible even costing yourself a lot of money. Instead you can use these tips to conceal or improve upon the ugly aspect without jeopardising your relationship with your landlord.

Rubber Flooring Feature For Rental Flats

You often find that landlords will use cheap, easy to clean flooring that is durable such as linoleum in the bathroom and kitchen. Although this is convenient, the linoleum will likely be outdated, faded and even unattractive. As an easy-fix alternative you can lay rubber floor tiles on top. Benefits of this flooring include easy to clean material, coming in a range of different colours and textures, easy-lay and easy to remove without damaging the floor beneath. Rubber flooring is very durable, so it can last several years for those who have long term or renewable leases.

Ginger cat lying on rubber floor with layers of striped rugs on top as an interior feature

Hide Ugly Lights with Plants

Hardware such as overhead lighting is usually a fixture that is required to remain intact, but can cause problems if the design doesn’t go well with your personal décor. A refreshing way of covering a light fixture is using hanging plants. You can easily construct a grid made from picture frames and wiring or net that is suspended from the ceiling directly beneath the aerial eyesore. The trick is to ensure the frame is large enough that it covers as much of the fixture as possible, even when standing in the outskirts of the room. You can then entwine hanging plants or vines throughout the grid. Not only does this DIY trick conceal the undesired feature but it creates an oasis effect in the room. This hack works best in a room that has several plants already.


Cover Carpets with Rugs

A popular phrase in fashion and interior design is “less is more”, however sometimes the key to concealing and ugly carpet is actually adding more texture and pattern. Large scale rugs are typically very expensive, therefore the solution would be to use a selection of rugs varying in pattern and style to create a layered look that exudes your playfulness and personality.

Living Room with Simplistic Feature of white walls, wooden furniture and plenty of books and plants

Correct Cabinets with Contact Paper

You can purchase contact paper from Amazon for extremely reasonable prices that comes in an array of colours and patterns. Simply peel off the sticky back and lay over the unattractive surface. This is just as easy to remove and won’t leave any damage on the original surface. This can also be used on tables and stools.