All You Need to Know On the Non-Surgical Eye Lift in Glasgow

Older man with eye bags who could benefit from non-surgical eye lift

Dr Darren McKeown is a nation renowned aesthetic medicine specialist offering a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments that reduce the signs of ageing and help people look refreshed and feel happier in their own skin. Getting older is a part of life, however the physical ageing process is something that many people struggle to deal with. As their looks start to change, typically with sagging skin or wrinkles appearing some people feel that they look less attractive than they did previously and this can cause some emotional distress. Fortunately there are solutions to ageing available through plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine which have been used for many years. Although, not everyone feels comfortable going “under the knife”. Thankfully research and progressive technologies in aesthetic medicine has birthed alternatives to invasive surgery, such as the none-surgical eye lift.

Flat lay of table with tools for non-surgical eye lift such as syringe and painkillers

What Is A Non-Surgical Eye Lift?

The eyes, or specifically the skin surrounding the eyes is typically the first part of the face to show signs of ageing. Many people claim that their eyes look sad or tired despite, even when they do not feel this way. For many years there has been the option to have invasive surgery in the form of a facelift of eyelift. Although this can be risky and requires a lot of time for recovery. A surgical facelift runs the risk of over correcting which can result in a permanent look of shock or surprise. Thankfully, Dr Darren offers a non-invasive alternative to surgery which comes in the form of a fast and easy injection.

How Does The Non-Surgical Eye Lift Work?

Thanks to progression in understanding of the human anatomy and its relationship with ageing, doctors and clinicians are now aware that eye bags and sagging skin are not caused by gravity pulling the skin down but by the volume of tissue beneath the skin being lost. The bone below the eye shrinks over time so that by the time a person is approximately “middle aged” changes in the face are apparent around this area. As the bone shrinks, the fat beneath the eye bulges slightly with creates “eye bags” and dark shadows on the exterior. Previously, the approach was to remove the excess skin from the face, whereas now the solution is simply to restore volume to the area beneath the eye with filler.

man with fresh face post non-surgical eye lift

Pros and Cons of Fillers

Naturally most people prefer to use the non-surgical eye lift as opposed to a traditional face lift. Not only because the research points towards the latter as being more effective. But also there is much less risk involved. Many fillers available are dissolvable therefore the treatment is not truly “permanent” meaning if you don’t like the results you aren’t stuck with them for the rest of your life. Dr Darren, who is well known for his stellar abilities with filler. Advises that a successful filler treatment is achieved with precision, plenty of experience, the expertise to know where to inject and how much.