Supporting Local Industry

Supporting local industry has been somewhat of a tradition for many people in the UK for hundreds of years. However as time has moved on and the way we consume goods has changed , so to has our shopping and spending habits.

How Business Is Conducted In The Present Day

Increasingly in the present day , business is conducted through large supermarkets and global corporations such as Amazon and Apple. This means that there is far less leads and sales overall coming to smaller local businesses.

In addition to this , there have been a number of global crisis that have led to the collapse of many established family businesses as well as local businesses that have served communities for decades.

This is partly due to a chronic lack of government support as well as many markets becoming monopolised by large corporations and firms who choose to buy out or squeeze out their opposition. Sadly many firms have succumbed to these issues and as a result local industry is sparse throughout the UK.

Why Is Local Industry Important?

There are a wide number of reasons as to why local industry is important. One of the main reasons why local industry is important is the support it provides to local communities. With local business and industry, many villages and smaller communities would simply lack the infrastructure to be functional. Therefore , it is important that local industry is established in order to take on this issue and tackle it.

Another key reason why local industry is important is because it supports local suppliers. Often farmers and wholesalers in more rural areas need to supply large organisations such as Asda or Tesco as they are the only businesses who are available to have contracts with.

Unfortunately this means that they may not always enjoy the best deal from these organisations due to the size of the businesses and may find they receive a very small amount of money for their products.