Why You Should Visit A South Indian Restaurant Glasgow

south indian restaurants glasgow

In terms of food Scotland is a diverse and proud nation. Traditionally fish used to make a large part of peoples diet due to the fishing industries for hundreds of years. However in recent years Scotland has welcomed a number of different cultures and as a result many different types of food. One of the most popular types of food within Scotland is Indian food. Indian food consists of anything from curries to yogurt drinks , spices and lentils. In this article we will let you know why you should visit a south Indian restaurant.

south indian restaurants Glasgow


For most of us , eating out is something seen as something of an event and not really a common occurrence as it is becoming increasingly more and more expensive to eat out. However if you pick a south Indian restaurant Glasgow based chances are you may be pleasantly surprised by the prices. One of the excellent offers that is often put on by restaurants is the pre-theatre offer , with this deal people can get a reduced rate for their meals and save significantly on what they would normally pay.

south indian restaurant Glasgow

Food And Drink Quality

When venturing into a south Indian restaurant Glasgow has to offer , chances are there will be a wide range of food and drink available. What sets south Indian food and drink apart fro other restaurants is the majority of the recipes have stayed unchanged. Another way in which they are different is often local Indian beers or ciders are offered to accompany meals rather than beers from further afield. We have to admit a pint of kingfisher goes down very well with most curries! Moving on to the quality and taste of the food, south indian cuisine is known for its strong flavours , spices and overall taste. When we sampled the food at a number of different south Indian restaurants Glasgow based we found that there was consistently good performance across the board. Food is made with traditional ingredients and care is taken to ensure the dish is served correctly.

south indian restaurant

Health Benefits Of Indian Food

There are a number of different health benefits that can be enjoyed by eating in a south Indian restaurant Glasgow has to offer. One of the main benefits offered is that spices can help to improve your circulation of blood around the body and is good for your heart. Another way in which this type of food can bring health benefits is curries are known for the medicinal properties and for centuries in india were used to help those who were ill or in poor health . A third way in which Indian food can benefit peoples health is yogurt drinks. One of the most popular and well known forms of yogurt drinks is known as lassi. Often these are infused with fruit and are very healthy as they contain calcium and valuable nutrients.

south indian restaurant Glasgow

Inclusiveness And Overall Value

As well as providing an impressive array of different food we found that the majority if south indian restaurants Glasgow had a detailed and easy to read menu which catered to vegans as well as meat eaters and people with allergies to certain ingredients or food. The fact that these restaurants took the time to ensure that everyone was looked after and catered for speaks volumes for the industry as a whole. We highly recommend that you check out your local south indian restaurant today!

south indian restaurant Glasgow