Where to Find Cosmetic Dentists in Glasgow City Centre

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The Berkeley Clinic is a high end dental surgery based in Glasgow offering an elite service of cosmetic dentistry, innovative orthodontics and cosmetic treatments. Known as one of the best dentists in Glasgow city centre, this private practice surpasses all expectations of your typical visit and provides quality service using only state-of-the-art technologies and delivering top results time and time again. Situated in an area that is easily accessible from all sides of the city via public transport, the Berkeley Clinic is a friendly and professional dental practice that makes each visit pleasant and relaxing for every patient.

The Berkeley Clinic

Having straight, white teeth is something that most people strive towards as it is considered not only an attractive physical feature, but also signifies health and in some cases cleanliness. Our teeth are on display every time we speak, laugh and smile so for anyone who is embarrassed by or dislikes their teeth, day-to-day life can be a source of stress, anxiety and even depreciate self-esteem. The Berkeley Clinic is one of the most technologically advanced and award winning dentist in the UK, offering cutting-edge solutions for even the most complex dental issues. The talented team at the surgery specialise in various fields of dentistry thus offering the very best treatment in all areas. What makes the Berkeley Clinic outshine other dentists in Glasgow City Centre, is the rich choice of treatments plus the expertise and dedication to several specific domains.

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Better Than Other Dentists in Glasgow City Centre

By using the most advanced technologies, the Berkeley Clinic are able to deliver treatments over much shorter periods of time, in comparison to their competitors as well as allowing the patient much more detailed insight of expectations. For example, the Berkeley Clinic have an in-house, on-site dental lab where all the implants, fixtures and mouth pieces are constructed. By having the dental technicians in such close quarters, they are able to meet patients face to face which allows for real time conversations. This not only gives the technician a better understanding of the patients’ needs and expectations, but also reassures the patient with managed expectations and the development of trust. Having an on-site lab also cuts down treatment times which can be extended in a regular dentist due to relying on the transference of orders between sites. In addition, some of the many innovative tools used at the clinic are Cerec 3D, Cerec Omnicam and Sirona xG 3D which enables the team to carry out dental procedures more accurately and efficiently.

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Dental Anxiety

One of the main issues that most people have with attending the dentist is the worry or fear of dentists causing them pain and discomfort during the appointment. The average person does not enjoy the dentist, however there are many people who suffer from the condition of dental anxiety which makes is extremely difficult for them to attend their appointments and there are even those who don’t attend at all. Naturally, avoiding the dentist can be detrimental for your health, especially for anyone who is suffering from a prominent dental issue. The Berkeley Clinic has a department dedicated to the treatment of anxious patients, with specialists on staff, ensuring that even those with the most severe anxiety are still able to receive the treatment they need.