Skills For Becoming A Nursery Teacher In East Kilbride

Whether you are interested in becoming a nursery teacher, a teacher at another grade level, or a teacher at home with children, there are some skills that are required for success. These skills include patience, creativity, professional development, flexibility, and job outlook. If you are thinking of working in an East Kilbride nursery, there are a few skills and qualifications you will need to succeed.


Practicing patience in the classroom will help build a positive learning environment for students. Having patience can teach students to develop critical thinking skills. It can also encourage them to find new solutions to problems. It may sound like a no brainer, but practicing patience isn’t easy. A lot of adults struggle with impatience. They may have a hard time dealing with others, and they may have a hard time expressing themselves. A patient person is more likely to be trusted and accepted.

You can learn patience by reading books about it. You can also watch videos about patience. They can be entertaining and useful.


Developing creativity as a skill for becoming a nursery teacher is important. Children’s imaginations are at their peak in early childhood, which is a great time to encourage their creativity through play. It is also an opportunity for them to develop social skills, intellectual skills, and emotional skills.

The best teachers are creative and use a variety of teaching strategies. A successful teacher is able to reach all students. They can draw from their own experiences, their students’ interests, and outside influences to create exciting lesson plans.


Having flexibility is a key skill for becoming a teacher. It can help children work through the curriculum and adapt to the classroom environment. It is also important for struggling students. Learning is easier when students can take unexpected events in stride.

To teach flexible thinking, teachers can use a variety of activities. These can be used in small groups or with the whole class. Flashcards can be a great tool for encouraging flexible thinking. They will show children how to think from another person’s perspective. They can work through the cards in pairs or as a group.

Professional Development

Whether you are a teacher or planning to become one, professional development can help you improve your skills and your teaching practice. Taking courses is a great way to learn new strategies and techniques to help you make the most of your time in the classroom.

While many school districts require teachers to complete specific professional development hours, there are some schools that don’t have specific requirements. Often, it’s up to the school to change their culture around professional development. You can use the resources available to your school to encourage your teachers to pursue their professional development.