Scottish Meals

Scottish cuisine is renowned throughout the UK for its rich taste and variety of food. However, it is probably not the best known of all British cuisines, with its own unique style and emphasis on local produce and ingredients. It has its own local delicacies, but because it has such a diverse range of recipes, there is something for everyone. This article will explore the different types of Scottish food and describe some of the best restaurants where you can experience these great foods.

A typical Scottish meal has fish and chips as its centre piece. The traditional accompaniment to this traditional meal is a pint of ale. It is a staple summertime dish that is served at every social gathering and outdoor barbecue. Fish and chips are usually accompanied by an ale, although other strong liquor can be used if that is too much of a temptation! Scottish bartenders are experts at blending different liqueurs to create interesting and distinctive cocktails.

Famous Scottish Dishes

Another popular Scottish dish is Scotch smoked salmon. It is made by using salmon, fatback and other ingredients, then being smoked over a period of two weeks. After the smoking phase, the salmon is cleaned and then cut into chunks. These chunks are placed in a pan, which is filled with fatback, and cooked on a campfire. This delicious and healthy dish is served at many events including parties and celebrations.

Scotland is famous for its Game, and you will often see fishermen away from their boats, sitting by a fire with a few buckets of fresh fish, to keep them warm. Fish is considered to be very nutritious, providing vital vitamins and minerals. However, it is also good for you! As the fat content is relatively low, it makes a healthy alternative to pork and beef.


Some fish are more popular in Scotland than others. In terms of the best fish, it is the Scottish smoked fish, which is very similar to the British classic. However, there is no real national debate as to which is the best, as each area has its own style of preparing it. For example, some regions are renowned for their cod, but not everywhere! This can make it difficult to get the best, and so people often opt for something more versatile such as whitefish or haddock.

Appreciating Scottish Cuisine

Scottish cuisine is hugely varied, and you can choose to sample different styles and tastes all day. You could start with something very simple, and perhaps a full-fat beef or chicken meal. Then for lunch you could try a lighter meal with fresh salmon, or roasted potatoes and bean salad. The variety is truly remarkable, and the combinations are endless.