Rare Whiskies for Sale | What Makes Whisky So Collectible?

Since the mid-1990s the demand for rare whiskies for sale and collectable single malt Scottish whiskies has boomed and all over the world, there are collectors vying to get their hands on rare old bottles of malts such as Balvenie or Dalmore.  Whisky has become so popular that it is now one of Scotland’s main exports and brings in billions of pounds to the Scottish Economy every year. If your interest in whisky is not yet piqued, read on and find out why whisky is such a good buy, and where you will find rare whiskies for sale online.

The History of Rare Whiskies

Whisky appears to have been around since the dawn of time, and yet it can only be traced back to 1494 when it was featured in the Scottish Exchequer Rolls. The name whisky itself derives from the Scottish Gaelic term ‘uisge beatha’ which translates to ‘water of life’.

Rare Whiskies For Sale

The Health Benefits

Whisky is said to have multiple health benefits which include:

  • Weight loss, when used as a replacement for more calorific, high-sugar content alcohols.
  • Preventing dementia, due to increased cognitive performance in ongoing studies.
  • Controlling diabetes, as whisky helps to regulate insulin and glucose levels.
  • Boosting immune system, as whisky contains antioxidants and a small number of vitamins, as well as having the ability to disinfect wounds and cuts.

That said, if you’re going to be buying a rare whisky, maybe wait and see how it goes as an investment before cracking the bottle open!

Investing in Whisky

If you’re dedicated to leaving the bottle unopened and retaining the rare whisky’s monetary value, you need to know that you’re making a sound investment. Luckily, the evidence is there that the rarest whiskies fetch seriously high prices. In 2015, a bottle of Laphroaig from the early twentieth century fetched around £6,000 at auction and the rarer the bottle, the higher the price.

However, there are places online where you can find a reasonably priced but very high-quality rare whisky, getting you started in investment without you needing to take out a loan.

Rare Whiskies For Sale

Where to Find Rare Whiskies For Sale

An example of where you can find rare whiskies for sale of various ages, rarities and prices, is The Rare Malt Whisky Company. The company hosts a range of popular single malts from across Scotland, including Dalmore, Talisker and Bruichladdich. You can find big brands or more independent distilleries all under one umbrella, meaning you needn’t look elsewhere for your whisky investment needs.