Turn It Off: Why You Should Be Putting Your Phone Down

There is no denying that smartphones have made our lives easier. The development of mobile phones is a true testament to how good technology has become. We can now find out things in an instant as we all carry these mini computers around with us everywhere. In a moment’s notice, we can find out the best restaurant that is nearby, directions if we are lost or even book a taxi without ever having to ring. But with all these benefits there are also negatives to phones becoming a big part of our lives. Here are some of the reasons that you should be putting your phone down:

  • Hinder Our Sleep

How many of us sleep with our phones either in the bed or right next to it? I’d wager a guess that nearly every one of us does this. It makes it easier to check the time when we wake up in the middle of the night or hit snooze on the alarm when the morning comes around. But smartphones are disrupting our sleep. The light that our iPhones emit actually makes it harder for our bodies to adjust to falling asleep at night. Try putting your phone on the other side of the room next time. This will mean you’ll find yourself getting a much better rest.


  • Make Us Less Productive

When you are trying to complete a task – whether it is for work, school or just as a hobby – keeping our phone nearby is actually disrupting how productive we can be. The human mind is great at making itself believe it is good at multitasking. However, the reality is that we aren’t. If you have your phone close to you then you will find yourself constantly checking it. You will use it as an excuse to procrastinate. Next time you are doing a task try turning your phone off and putting it away for an hour.

  • Putting Your Phone Down: Reduce the Chance of FOMO

FOMO stands for the “Fear of Missing Out”. It’s the feeling that we get when we see our friends or people that we know out having a good time. It makes us conflicted as we are not there but desiring the feeling that they are having a better time than you. If you are constantly checking social media and seeing that your friends are having a good time then FOMO will come into effect. If you learn to start putting your phone down then you won’t run the risk of feeling this sensation quite as much.


  • Takes Up Time in Our Days

How much time on average each day do you think you spend browsing on your phone? Whether it may be playing a game or checking social media, it feels as if we spend most of our day looking at that small screen. It starts to take up all of our time and before we know it the day is over. By putting down your phone you will free up time in your day to do other stuff. It might even mean that you do more exercise or reading.