Manchester Dental Clinic | Five Myths About Dental Hygiene

It’s always the case. A friend of a friend has a dental issue and now everyone is telling old wives’ tales about how to fix it. The best person to ask is always your local dentist at the Manchester dental clinic, but here are some quick myths about dental hygiene busted for your benefit.

Whitening Is Bad For Your Teeth

In the past, teeth whitening may have caused real damage to the enamel of your teeth due to the acidity of the bleach being used as a whitener. Nowadays the gel has been developed to a stage where it is perfectly safe and does not damage the teeth at all, besides perhaps some light sensitivity. This said teeth whitening should always be completed by a registered professional.

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Don’t Brush Your Gums If They’re Bleeding

Although you may feel like you are causing further damage to your gums, it is important that both your teeth and gums are properly cleaned. Therefore you should not only brush your teeth but floss them too. The Center for Disease Control and Prevent (CDC) states that nearly have of adults over 30 years old have a form of gum disease. It’s important to look after your gums!

Flossing Isn’t Necessary For Good Dental Health

Flossing is one of the most important things for good dental health. If you skip flossing then you are missing out about a third of the tooth every time. This can lead to infections, gum disease and decay. Take care of your teeth now and get flossing before any of these symptoms start to show up.

Sugar Is The Main Cause Of Tooth Decay

Sugar might be one of the hard hitters but it is certainly not the main cause. Tooth decay results from naturally occurring acids which combine with your saliva. Combined, this is what makes the plaque build-up on your enamel. This happens a lot due to consuming carbs.

You Should Only Visit The Dentist If There’s A Problem

A definite myth. Trips to your dentist or local Manchester dental clinic should be at least twice a year, regularly. This will mean that any early signs of disease/decay/infection can be picked up. The dentist will appreciate you coming regularly and it will give you peace of mind.

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If you do still have any questions about how to keep a good routine of dental hygiene then don’t hesitate to ask your dentist. It is not embarrassing to want to know more and they will be pleased you asked!