How Important Is Tourism For The UK?

Tourism within the UK undoubtedly has a significant overall influence on the economy as well as local jobs. Lets look at how important tourism is for the UK overall.

Supporting The Local Economy

One of the key ways in which tourism is important in the UK is through supporting the local economy. Supporting the local economy is an important issue as there is often lack of support for smaller more rural communities as well as for businesses in larger busier more urban areas.

Tourism can bring an increased number of jobs to a local area. This means that more people within the local community can gain employment and this can help to stimulate the local economy.

However , it is important to note that as well as helping to improve the local economy and job prospects , there can also be downsides to too much tourism within a small area.

Long Term Effects Of Tourism

Tourism can have long-lasting and far reaching effects. For example , one of the key points to note about tourism is the fact that it can have a damaging effect on the local environment. For example , the Islands off the coast of Scotland have seen a massive increase in tourism over recent years.

This has partly come about due to the increase in marketing and advertising campaigns targeting other countries. Unfortunately this has resulted in the Islands being flooded with cars and litter which has caused untold damage to the local environment as well as disruption to the local population as well.

Therefore it is clear in this instance whilst tourism has greatly benefited the local economy , it has also resulted in a number of negative side effects which could outweigh the benefits of tourism within this area.

How Can Tourism Be Managed Effectively?

Overall there are a wide range of ways in which tourism can be managed effectively. One of the main ways in which this can be done is through surveys in local communities. Surveys within communities can give valuable feedback about the overall effects of tourism and the effects that it has had on people overall.

As well as giving local communities a voice , this enables local authorities to establish what different steps that they can take in order to reduce the negative impact that over-tourism can have on an area or local community. This is really important to ensure that there is not damage to a local area and that the positives of tourism can overall outweigh the negatives.

Local authorities have the power to implement by-laws to govern and monitor tourism in order to keep it manageable levels and police it where necessary.


Overall to conclude , it is clear that tourism can have both positive as well as negative effects. Therefore , it is important that tourism is encouraged but also closely monitored to ensure that it does not have a negative effect.

Therefore it is clear that tourism is a clear asset to many small and rural communities across the United Kingdom