Homes In The Area Needed Damp Proofing Services

damp proofing services

We wanted to take a slightly different approach in this months bulletin and cover a topic that is rarely discussed but one that is nonetheless very important. There has been a steady increase in the number of callouts for damp proofing services in the area, due to the fact that is a very wet micro-climate here around Rouken Glen. In this article we will cover the importance of making sure your home is treated properly with effective damp proofing so that it does not deteriorate.

damp proofing services

What Are Damp Proofing Services?

Damp proofing services can be a great way to protect your house against dampness. It can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew in the walls. It can also help keep water out of the basement by preventing it from being pumped in. This article will talk about damp proofing services and the importance of hiring one to ensure that you have a safe and dry home.

Damp proofing simply means installing a wall or floor covering that helps to stop moisture being absorbed into the building. This is commonly done by putting down a new waterproofing product on the foundation of the walls to stop the excess water from flowing inside the building. This is especially an effective damp proofing treatment because the liquid soap used prevents water from penetrating through the wall to the ground below.

Check out this quick video that shows the basic damp proofing process:

Finding a Damp Proofing Company

A lot of businesses offer damp-proofing services in your local area. If you want to do your part to protect your home from dampness and reduce the chances of mould and mildew forming, you should consider calling one of these companies. They will work with you to find the best solution for your situation. They may recommend the use of a membrane or a system of drains or water filters to get rid of excess moisture and keep water from going into the building.

There are different types of products available to help deal with damp conditions in the building, and they range from products that can be installed on a wall to those that can be placed under floors. There are even systems that can help stop water from leaking outside of the building so it doesn’t seep into it. Getting a professional damp proofing service is a good way to get a good solution and they will help you make sure you are using the best product and method.

damp proofing


Damp proofing services are important if you want to protect your home against damp conditions. It won’t just stop damp conditions from happening, but it can prevent them happening in the future and allow you to have a dry and safe living environment.