A Guide To Hunting In Scotland

As deer season draws closer, we can’t help but wonder what the chances are of seeing a deer in Scotland. Although in many parts of the country deer numbers have been on a decline over the last couple of decades, Scotland has always been known to be host to some of the best deer hunting in the UK.

Species That Are Hunted

Many species of deer: Most species of deer in Scotland are plentiful and highly migratory. The following species are easily accessible and easily hunted: White-tailed Deer: Scotland’s only deer species, the White-tailed Deer roam throughout the countryside, the highlands and the glens of Britain with relative ease. Red Deer: Scotland’s second largest land mammal, the Red Deer roams throughout the glens and highlands of Britain with relative ease.

Grey Squirrels: Scotland is home to several species of squirrels, including the popular Grey Squirrel which can be found in almost any country in Europe. The Scottish Grey Squirrel is known as being adaptable and tolerant of a wide variety of habitats, meaning it can be hunted on virtually any type of terrain.

Scottish Pike: This species of Pike is found only in Scotland, although they are sometimes hunted elsewhere in England as well. The Scottish Pike is known as a powerful predator that is found in some of the highest, most unspoilt areas of Britain.

Scottish Robin and White Mink: These two species of Deer are considered to be a threat to the local environment and their populations need to be protected by law. Hunting them requires special permission under certain circumstances.

Exploring Scotland

All of these species are well worth seeing in Scotland, and as the weather gets warmer you may want to consider one or two of the above mentioned species of Deer for your next hunt. There are also a number of other smaller but not so popular species of Deer out there, so make sure to plan early so you don’t miss out on a chance to see them in their natural habitat.

Scottish deer hunting is popular all year round; some places such as Ayrshire and the Highlands are particularly well-known for excellent deer populations. However, because Scotland is largely mountainous and the deer breed mainly on open areas, many hunters find that hunting in Scotland during the winter months is often the most rewarding of the hunting seasons.

Some hunters find that Scottish deer hunting in Scotland is simply too cold, meaning that they must hunt in the late summer months. If this is the case for you, remember that hunting in Scotland during the summer can also offer some wonderful opportunities for watching deer migrate around Scotland’s highlands.

Key Considerations

In Scotland, the fall and winter are the months of the year when deer are most likely to be found. So, if you don’t have enough time to travel to Scotland’s highlands, it might be in your interest to consider hunting in your own area, especially those that are close to Scotland’s coasts. The coastal areas such as West Lothian and East Renfrewshire are both well-known for providing good deer populations.